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Early Girl Bingo - With Photos

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Could this be it? Could this be an HS30 chassis prefix car with a 903 Blue exterior and Blue interior? The Unicorn I've been searching for?


HS30 00021 perhaps?











*Edit just finished the article, which repeats a lot of myths that have been debunked many times in the past.


Dave Lyons of Hout Bay in Cape Town is apparently it's owner.


Link to magazine here.


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HS30 00021 is the South African Press / Demo car that is still in South Africa.  It is in pristine condition and until recently lay in a Nissan "dead house" before being bought by a well known collector.  I've been trying to negotiate to buy the car but he is adamant that he will never sell.  Apparently Nissan Japan have offered to buy the car back from him.  The car is metallic blue.


You can add this to your list :-)


Is that Dave Lyons car?

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4 hours ago, gav240z said:

I'm hearing reports of a fire in WA that have destroyed a collection of S30z's, some early ones too... :(


Yep. Grahams collection. About 24 cars 240z's, 260z's 2 and 4 seaters, S130 2 seater. He must be devastated.

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