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Classic car bubble

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Posted 03 January 2018 - 02:17 PM



I have vague memories of fuel in Australia at the time being available to cars on an odd and even basis going on the last number on the number plate. (Odds one day, Even the next). If you ran out, hard bickies. 

Same in NZ, we had 'car-less' days, so one had a sticker on the windscreen denoting which weekday one had decided to use public transport or get a lift; woe betide anyone caught driving on their car-less day. Whether that mad scheme actually saved a tanker or two of imported crude oil or not has never been announced. Kept the traffic cops busy checking and no doubt a fresh bunch of bureaucrats were set up to manage it.



It's possible the V8 would have sold well, but Nissan was busy enough turning out 6 cylinder versions with no shortage of demand.

As Enzo so eloquently points out, from the early 70's it was not a good time to be selling V8-engined cars, everyone was going sixes and fours and frantically down-sizing and being frugal with MPG as gas prices went up dramatically, USA especially so, with long lines at the gas stations due to shortages. Same in this part of the world, I can remember seeing gas stations having to close once they ran out.

Big block V8s got dropped from American cars from about '72 onwards, there was even one year where a V8 wasn't available in the Ford Mustang lineup and one had to make do with a turbo 4 or a 6.

Remember the big Leyland P76 - 'right car/wrong time'?

Besides, there were aftermarket companies like Scarab providing V8 kits for Zeds.

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Posted 06 January 2018 - 08:13 AM

i still say if you can get hold of a Y40 ( apparently also fitted to Cedric - police version), putting one in just for the sake of it would be a cool experiment.

The initial cedric of course morphed into the 260C, which had the L26

So that tells me that, in theory the Y40 would fir into the Z engine bay

Surprised that no one in Jap has done one

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Posted 06 January 2018 - 10:24 AM

In my experience the effect of the 'oil crisis' is being greatly exaggerated here, I bought a V8 Monaro in '72 and never had problems getting fuel for it anywhere. In fact there was a V8 boom in Australia around then, the 351 Falcon ute was a stand out, there was a long waiting list for it so I was not the only one going V8. There was no eco thing back then, it was all about power and more power. It's funny how these sorts of urban myths develop and grow so stop contributing to it :)


A Nissan V8 was used in the US plonked in a 280ZX for racing, turbo I think.Put out good power but occasionally blew up in spectacular fashion too.

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Posted 08 January 2018 - 11:04 AM

Futher on V8 power in Oz, what did happen was a media led campaign against V8 cars as being too fast to be safe, nothing to do with the eco or fuel supply. IIRC GM and Ford cancelled proposed supercars and stopped emphasising power in their advertising. Of course this had no effect on imports, the general opinion among petrol heads then was that Aussie V8's had more power and that is what mattered. I think that a Y40 engined Zed would have been a sensation here, the S30 was certainly low profile back then, a V8 would have shoved the S30 into the performance market for sure and gained Nissan plenty of profile.

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