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260Z 2+2 recovered from shed in Wimemra after Ten years.

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Posted 21 September 2014 - 02:34 PM

Yeah everyone finds barn finds, well this was in a chicken coop.
Covered in dust.
I last saw this ten years ago and decided to buy it two months ago.
Now I am not so sure however journey so far.

Ungclog fuel lines with the varnish ketone of 10 year stale petrol that stinks like crap.
Blow out fuel lines.
Flush out fuel tank.
Chuck out filter and dissemble fuel pump clean wash and assemble.  $12.00
Remove Hitachi SU types clean wash fit new needle seat kits $44 each re assemble.  $88.00
Fit new BP6ÊS plugs after compression check $54.00
Second hand set of plug leads ex 280ZX
New points and adjusted $9.50
Dizzy cap and Rotor $44.00
Start and run engine. Flushing oil $19.00
New coopers filter 5 l GTX            $25.00

Stop engine and fix water leaks.

New thermostat and second hand housing $35.00
Lower water housing drill out snapped bolt and refit $12.00
New rubber hose to water heater.
Flush out water jackets and fill with coolant (green)
Run and adjust idle.
Swap over rusted out rear exhaust system drill out two broken studs retap and fit extractors off parts car
and new exhaust system comprising two new mufflers front and rear from parts car  $400 out of $1000
Pressure was under floor fishoilene proof coat.
Replace Lower ball joints BJ95 both sides $150.00
Replaced both Tie rod ends both sides and new boots $150.00
Removed ZX Rotor on one side and some other smaller 4 cylinder rotor and worn out pads down to metal.

FIT and GREASE NEW wheel bearings and seals
these were fitted on the hubs from parts car  and cost $130.00 plus cost of hubs which I got quoted at $60 each!!
That's why you need a parts car.
Fit New RDA rotors. $130.00
Fit new brakes hoses fronts $50.00
New DB86 pads $60.00
Caliper Kit and rubber seals and clips $65.00
New air filter NOS $40
New slave cylinder and rubber flexible hose $50.00

Linish rear brake drums $50.00
Refit and adjust brake shoes and hand brake.

need to bleed front brakes and take for wheel alignment..

Fix electric gauges either with parts car or by sourcing electrical problem.
Tidy up interior
Parts car seats and backs ok front seat bottoms worn out.
Fit my parts car centre console and decide which NOS datto radio to refit.

car has sun roof  for some reason and a full BENDIGO SKIRT KIT (Harrop?)

I have washed, treated and buffed the OEM wheels from my parts car so that's the other protion of the $1000 I spent on the parts car.

Just fitted and balanced two new 185x65x14 fronts (Intensas) $150.00
Full wheel alignment $66.00

It has back 215x65xR14 Intensas in VGC.

There were some other 6.5x14xCSA mags with recaps which have been removed ???

Car has 1 near unused and polished  oem spare and a second spare in cover held down by tie downs.
4 spares on ebay at $400
you get 6
OEM NISSAN Tool kit.
Full set of Z hub caps and two spare (check out asking price of those (6x$25=$150.00)

There are also some 6.5x14 CSA horrible gold painted mags with 215P recaps radials if you must have them Free..

The good thing about car apart from a fleck of rust on front and one door I cant see any cancer repaired cancer or any of the normal corrosion that gets into these cars when left outside..

But my wife says I stink like a paint factory and Im not that impressed with the car now I have got it going..

SO if you want to finish a project make me offer or a swapper..

Looking for offers over $5000 includes parts car which has pretty well been gutted out but still has diff struts fuel tank glass

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Posted 24 January 2016 - 06:51 PM

Is this car still for sale?

#3 PB260Z


    Peter (PB)

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Posted 24 January 2016 - 08:46 PM

Interesting to re read this ad in light of recent prices.

14 Months ago asking $5,000.
Today at that price would seem cheap, even for a bus with a sunroof
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Posted 29 July 2016 - 07:59 AM

Hi very interested is it still available? 0400 875 352

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Posted 25 August 2016 - 10:16 AM

Interesting to re read this ad in light of recent prices.

14 Months ago asking $5,000.
Today at that price would seem cheap, even for a bus with a sunroof


Yes hindesite is an interesting catalyst, tried for years to warn the TOYMODS guys about the demise of TOYOTA and then tried with degree of success to pass n to enthusisasts the Powder blue 260Z2+2 from Sandhurst when the guy died, sold to WA $6500 traceable history back to the original ship it came off from japan.

Then the gold one that I saw in Horsham for ten years it went to SA for $6500 sun roof or no sun roof whats the diff.

The white fairllady Z stolen nd dumped in river and dragged back from Nth NSW end up being stripped by the skyline collector and crushed.

All the good stuff I found in WV for past ten years has gone either crushed by SMorgens or sold.

Now crushing is back on agenda as steel prices are up so current round of crushers in WVIC sees SImms metal b double heading back with 60 crushed cars per week.

Guys need to get off keyboards and couches and get out to the old boys car club meets.

if you see the car club around the garages all the good stuff is out bush in museums and private collections.

We are here for the long run.

My only ZED is the one ZEDMAN I got in 2002 14 years ago and just as good now as then Thjen was $2500 now??? dunno hm for 105000 KM 280ZX stored for 15 years?

I am soon 70 YO so its last to go.

Everyone knows the car who has beena round for the last decade,Unmolested and stored in good running order.

They are keepers..


Only car left out of the WHITE FAILADY Z and the SILVER TURBO Z is ZEDMAN


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Posted 17 September 2016 - 08:45 PM

If any of you guys are near Bendigo or Kerang, let me know. There's at least four zeds i know of around here. 2 pure, 2 modded (including mine). There's another scrapped which I'm gradually getting parts off in Castlemaine. Info if you know where to find it.

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#7 Macdat


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Posted 18 September 2016 - 10:06 AM

I'm in Echuca bud looking for a 2+2
What do you know of?

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