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Triple Dellortos ready to install

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Posted 31 August 2010 - 08:03 PM

I've started to have a play with my triple dellortos (emission type), mainly to see what bits I have, and what I need. Where does everyone buy their dellorto parts? I've found the UK dellorto website, and a US ebay shop that seem alright range/price wise.

Anyway, one of the my carbs has no main or idle jet assemblies. The other two have 145 mains with 7772.10 emulsion tubes and 240 air correctors, and 55 idles. All three have 32mm chokes and 7848.3 axillary venturies. I figure for a start, i'll set the third carb up the same as the other two. Jets seem pretty cheap, so I might grab some idles either side of the 55, and some lower mains (based on Sulio's spreadsheet).

I've know fuel pressure is important, is it worth getting one of those variable regulators you see on ebay every now and then? Or should I be able to get the pressure about right with just a restricted fuel return?

I'll also need softmounts, and a new manifold gasket. The carbs came with a new one, but it was broken in transit. Are these off-the-shelf, or should I take my broken one in to a exhaust shop/mechanic to get a new one made from the sample?

With the idle jet air corrector, am I right in thinking the reduction from 2.0mm to 0.9mmis done with a small tube that down the centre of the idle jet holders? Can someone get me some dimensions on these?

Wow that turned into a lot of questions, should get me started... I'm in no rush to get these done (the Des Hammill book is very helpful), and it may be worth while waiting until after I get my exhaust upgraded.

Oh, and I should add they're DHLA40's and I'm running a stock L28.

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Posted 17 June 2011 - 06:00 PM

40mm Dellortos are most commonly ex Alfa Romeo. These carbies work fine on L series engines but require a modification to the idle circuit. Without this mod' the engine will 'hunt' under light load and at cruise. I some regards these carbies are better than Webers in fact my race car Built in 1973 used 3 x 50mm Dellortos producing 295 BHP and 244 Ft Lbs torque from 2700cc's.


Gordon Dobie

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