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MYS30 :D - just a few pictures

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Lovin this thread, great attention to detail !

Cheers Sirpent. Slowly but surely she's getting there mate

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Bit slack with updates and zed progress but between setting up the new "zed shed" I accquired a P90 head for my motor build from Adam (tyrpich) here on the forums. Still unsure how serious I want to go with the motor yet but I'll definitly be needing a P90 head so its a start none the less.



Oh and as for the Zed shed its set up for everything we need to do to our girls. A beer fridge is a must but!image.jpg2_zpsvxjuvped.jpg



I had the opportunity to have a beautiful young girl pose for a few photos with the Datsun. I'm thinking she looks that part with it too ????image.jpg1_zpsbyldq5qx.jpg


I even got in on the action too haha



I also succumbed to the urge to buy another boosted falcon after selling my old one due to life changes sadly. I present SLO045 version 2. It's a F6 typhoon for those playing at home.



As for the zed well I'm needing to source some new/second hand webers. At this stage I've got a set of 45.s and manifold lined up just waiting to see how it goes and if I can get them or not then it's time to start seriously thinking what I want to with it and stick to a plan!

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So my L28 build has been pushed forward thanks to a failed head gasket???? meaning my other project will have to be put on hold but before I continue on the L28 build I'll fill you in on the new project. I've always had a soft spot for 300zx's after selling my TT 2 seater in my younger years. I had always said that if I was to buy another 300zx it would be a slick top( full tin roof no targa tops) and low and behold my mate stumbled across one with a Fully built motor and forged bottom end with all the fruit and with the slick top being 90% complete we went halves in the deal and both got what we wanted.

This is how we got her



But I have big plans for her with a motor swap that hasn't been done to a 300zx before



There's a lot of fab work ahead of me yet but the Barra will fit with some slight firewall modification and trans tunnel work... Oh and a big reverse cowl to cover the motor




And with slick tops being some what of a unicorn its funny to think I found a second slick top only a week later which I got to get mine rolling and also a R200 diff to upgrade for the Datsun when I get around to doing the suspension and driveline on her


But more on her after the Datsun's motor is built.


So as I mentioned before the head gasket had let go and I've pulled the motor down ready to get the machining and work done for the motor build





Then I've got my shelf of goodies like my 45mm triple webers with the canon intake and the P90 head. I also noticed the cam has 325r engrave on it given its been re ground to be some what of a mild cam


While things were all stripped down what I could clean up and paint got done ready to be assembled again when the motors prepped.



So between these two I've got my hands full in the evenings after work but they are both going along at a good pace!

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