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Fairlady Z

180SX TypeX SpecR project soon to be daily ITS ALIVE!!

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Not as much progress as i hoped but its progress.


After thinking long time about raw alloy look or rough texture black look for the pipes decided on stealth black look.








Oh and the hks blow me valve plumbed back in to keep the authorities happy.



Few shots of the rear cradle still waiting for tailshaft to be finished.




And rear end update just loosly fitted



Yeah i know mess but no time for cleaning more assembly.


Hopefully on weekend it will move on its own. Have few hicups with conversion but more on that later.




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Tailshaft in

Rear struts in (looking like monster truck)  >:(




Wired the starter in

Plugged in the s15 dash for some instrumentation, all the security systems so it lets me start the engine, and wired in the fuel pump, fitted radiator.

Put some fresh bp98


Lets see what happens after 4 yrs of sleeping. See if this way is better.




Bit of a delay with woohoo as i wasnt sure if it actualy started or something grinding or about to catch on fire.  :P


Short clip while it was warming up. Straight of front pipe no exhaust. Exhaust is in transit from Japan at the moment.





After warm up annoying the neighbours. Payback for them smashing the golf balls into the fence all afternoon.





Well mechanicaly its alive and should drive. But theres lots of modifications to wiring now. Adapting s15 wiring to 180sx gear like dash, ac, power windows, headlight retractors,air bag,etc.....


Still to bleed the brakes, sort out the abs warning light, do something about the 4wd stance and finaly body work. lots of work still.




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