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  1. GregTas

    Wtb: Bonnet cable clamp

    Hi, Has anyone got one of these bonnet cable clamps? An original one would be nice as I suspect it would be better than the one in the pic. I could make something, but if I can buy one then it's on less job I have to do.
  2. GregTas


    Great looking shed.
  3. Great! Now I've won two trophies. Do you need my mailing address?
  4. Just one more like and I could have been there.
  5. The new format looks good and I've found it quite easy to work out. I've even got third place in some event I didn't even know I'd entered into. Just a pity my car is not that well placed.
  6. GregTas

    Long Term Build Up - Which Direction?

    Rebuilding an L28 is the same cost as an L24. So the L28 with 15% more capacity is giving quite a bit more for no additional cost and will always be in front. If you are looking for extra performance, then I don't see there's a choice to be made. Plus if you build up an L28 you can keep driving your car.
  7. GregTas

    Help! How To Buff My Rough Acrylic Paint Job

    The one benefit of acrylic is if your not happy with some parts you can rub it back smooth and have another go. Unlike 2-pac it's easier to blend it into the rest of it. If you are unable to sand the bumps out without braking through to the primer then as has been said, polishing it will just give you shiney bumps. Why not try repainting the bad areas?
  8. GregTas


    You've done well getting all the body parts. I went RB25. I got bare block and bolted it to an empty gearbox case and sat it in the engine bay and moved it around until I was happy with the position and then made the mounts to fit. A bit of work, but you can sit the engine exactly where you want it.
  9. GregTas

    Wtb: Fuel Tank Strap For 240

    Hi, I'm after a passenger side fuel tank retaining strap for a 240Z. I believe they might be shorter than the 260Z straps. Greg
  10. GregTas

    Fuel Tank Mounting Problem

    Thanks that would explain it. The RHS strap was tightened up a long way to get pressure on the tank and could just be made short enough. I will make some modification to get it sorted. I didn't realise the 260 tanks were larger. I might keep and eye out for one.
  11. Hi George, I'm still interested in the rear struts. Greg
  12. GregTas

    Fuel Tank Mounting Problem

    Hi, I've struck a problem installing my fuel tank. The left hand side strap appears to be too long. For the lett hand strap I used the shorter of the two. The bolt hangs down where the red arrow is and so far too low to tighten the strap up. My car had no tank in it when I bought it and the tank is not the original tank. The straps might not be either. Does anyone know what my problem is? Greg