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  1. 240z71

    What Radiator For Rb25 240?

  2. 240z71

    They'll Be Back -Crashed The Z !

    Anyone have a status update on the legacy team boys who crashed out a few years ago at tas?. Havent seen them since.
  3. 240z71

    Triple 45Mm Dhla Dellortos

    Price drop to $950.
  4. Hey guys Got some othe carbys recently so these are no longer needed. I brought them a while ago and never got around to using them. I believe they were not on an L series engine but are in good working condition and all rotate freely and smooth. Currently have 34mm chokes in them but other than that i know no settings. Could do with a once over before use as with most carbys. Happy to help organise postage or pickup in melbourne. Feel free to ask any questions Price is $1100 plus postage but open to other resonable offers. Thanks Matt
  5. Hey Mate, I've sent a PM just putting this here as reference to 1st in line
  6. Hey guys Gavs right as far as my car being a 71. As for what year the splash guard is off i have no idea and ill let you guys conclude. My car was fairly original so i just figured the was correct to my car but im no expert. My car has a 240z radiator support panel on it and this fit on the car?. Thanks Matt
  7. Hey guys Ive got the original metal splash guarf sitting around off my car and as im going to use something different i no longer need it. These are getting very hard to find now and i thought it might as well go to someone wanting originality in thier build. Its in good condition with no rust or dents but could do with a paint. If someone is interested in it from melbourne i could help with delivery but if not im happy to help with a courier to elsewhere. Feel free to ask any questions. As for price theres not much of a market to base off so throw me an offer via PM and we can negotiate? Thanks Matt
  8. Pm sent. Re whole exhaust Thanks Matt
  9. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/padbury/cars-vans-utes/1973-datsun-240k-coupe/1146730053
  10. 240z71

    Targa Tasmania 2017

    I pretty sure but i may be wrong but the car was originally a 240z shell but a few years back he had a stack and wrecked the rear end so he grafted on the back section of a 260z that he had sitting around on to the front of the 240z. Don't know exactly where the 260z section starts but i think its from the rear of the floor section back is all 260z.
  11. 240z71

    Targa Tasmania 2017

    Would have thought the legacy boys would be back in action by now? Anyone know if they are rebuilding the car or have they given up on it after their crash?
  12. 240z71

    240Z Parts For Sale

    Hey guys. Sorry both the center console and the choke assembly with knobs have all sold. Thanks Matt
  13. 240z71

    240 / 260 Parts For Sale

    Put me first in line for the 180 diffs pending the ratios.
  14. 240z71

    Wtb. Stewart Wilkins Extractors

    Hey guys Might be a long shot but i figured before i go buy some new from stewart i could try and see if anyone has a set they would part with. Im after his "smallport" extractors for an l28 like the ones in the pic. Let me know what youve got Thanks Matt
  15. Yeah looks like the same car to me. If it is it sold on ebay for $10,301.