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MSCA Sandown Sprint meet - July 1st 2012

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Just entered.
Who else is coming?
We need some more Z's on the track. Come on fella's  ;)

Simon. You have to ask your self. How many guys on this forum have Zeds that can be driven, and how many of them do club racing. It narrows the field down bit. But if you come down they have a passenger session just after lunch, you might get lucky and get a ride, then you might get the bug to motivate yourself and enter one yourself.

Gordo...... Are you saying that there are lots of posers here that are big girls, scared of me now I'm a supersprint winner?
Cos that what it sounds like  ;D

What about yourself, Steve, Rich, Dimitri, Gerhard, Sinisha, Dave, Laurence, Mark, (Gareth's still a while off). There are Z's that can be there, for me to play with. although most are too fast for me to keep up with.
Dads in the middle of another ZX build, but is too busy galavanting around in his Winnebago  ::)

Hey Simon, i  didn't say that, although I might of been thinking it. I will be there. NDSOC  are putting on a BBQ lunch, always good value. Cheers.


--- Quote from: GL240GTR on May 28, 2012, 05:03:08 PM --- I will be there.

--- End quote ---
What car you entering?


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