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Phillip island 10/3/12


Hi forum, I went to the Phillip island historic races today, caught up with dat2kman (Jason) 280Z, He Flying past the 911's  down the long straights!! Couldn't believe how fast that thing was! and so smooth and quiet with the  EFI 2.8!!! he kindly brought down from QLD some 280zx struts for me, Thanks :-) Also, with the silver 260z Rob Crichton, He was a top bloke, Great to chat to, and was wearing a Auszcar hat and said he was a member.
And Jeff Thomas, another cheerful Z owner, with his beautiful Blue and white 260z- And saw allot of beautifully preserved datsuns, in the Datsun/Nissan clubs show and shine!! Was an awsome day! hope to take my datsun there next year!! Enjoy the pics :-)

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