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Vic BBQ at Sulio's Factory Thurs 23/2/12

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Yes folks we are planning a BBQ for 8:30 at Sulio's factory. All meat and drink will be covered by the Club. Club founder Gavin who is in town at the moment will be there, hopefully with his Zed. So come one, come all. We will have arrived back from Tassie the day before so I am sure there will be plenty of tall stories.
I hope you can make it as it's been a while. Look forward to catching up.

Address is:
5/54 Howley's road
Notting Hill .

Date is Thursday 23/02/2012 - Updated today

Cheers Craig  :)

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Will defiantly be there with he zed


I'll be there.. with either the zee or the falcodore ute  :(

Lurch :
See you all there :)

Look like I have to drag my sorry ass to Melbourne again I be a little late thou ;) Globes order any one  ;D( work trip)


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