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Gav240z ®:
Hi Everyone,
This is an email I received a little while ago. Might be of interest to some of you?


Dear Mr. Doolan,
We would like to invite your car club (Vic Z Car) to compete in the 2012 ARC Forum Battle at Calder Park Raceway.
The first event of its kind as Forum Battle infiltrates the Australian Rally Championship (ARC) at Calder Park in March 2012. This is all about online forums enjoying some light hearted competition against each other in an offline event spanning across multiple disciplines of motorsport and car culture including:
-Time attack
-Show and shine
-400m Drags
-Tarmac Rally Stage
Forum Battle will span over 2 days. There’s $20k’s worth of prizes up for grabs for forum members and prime time TV coverage on Channel 10 alongside the ARC coverage
For more information and to be featured on the website:
Look forward to your thoughts and feel free to contact me on 0432 884 177 or email
Sean Ryan


Hmmmm I could be tempted if others were?

Gav240z ®:

--- Quote from: 620Z on January 05, 2012, 06:24:33 AM ---Hmmmm I could be tempted if others were?

--- End quote ---

Could be good PR for the club :). Get our name out there and drum up interest in early Z's.

All those Vic members with race cars get into it and represent!!

Gareth. J.:
Sounds like a good opportunity to get coverage for the club and you might even get your mug on the tv  ;)

I've still got lots of bodywork to do and the exhaust and tyres so I dont think I could make it.


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