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All Jap car show - Feb 26th Dandenong show grounds

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I'll be there.. hope it won't reach the high 30's though :(

Just spent the last few hours cutting, polishing and waxing the paint.
I'll be meeting up with the NDSOC crew at Macca's.

Pretty strong turnout from the Prince/Nissan/Datsun clubs. Plenty of nice zeds for me to lust over too. Apologies to anyone if I missed them!

I just needed to work out how to get Simon's motor into my car without him noticing...

Lurch :
Was a great turnout from the Datsun/Nissan brigade - and apparently NDSOC won best club display :)

I was also pleasantly surprised to see another early 240Z there - Peter's HS30-00301 is just immaculate!

Unfortunatly I had something on in the morning so I took the family down after lunch, and to my surprise at 1.10 pm it was all over, only a hand full of cars left. Bummer. By the looks of Simons photo it was a good turn out, pitty it was a bit hot, I can see why they didn't hang around. Pretty hot on the asphalt car park.


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