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RBZ260 rear 1/4 panel
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RBZ 260

MY 260z 2+2 creation It started out as a $500 heap. guttered everythign outof it fix the rust and squized in R32 skyiline bits in it plus few other cars in it as well. Has rb20det with big cooler and bigger turbo. hks fcon ecu, r200 lsd with 4.4 ratio with cv half shafts. also rear axles have been changed to 300zx 5stud turbo items as well as rear brakes from same car. front has an array of mix parts complete rx7 hubs and struts adapted to 260z tower with 4 spot vented disks and liberty power steering rack. Body mods welded headlight cones deleted side indicators metal electric sunroof fitted from a celica (yep more brands) also power mirrors and windows.also climate control from r32 and instrumentation will be installed. plus other array of go fast gadgets

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