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Fs Yokohama R Spec Advan A048 "m" Tyres X4

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 20:55
Fs set of 4 Yokohama Advan A048 M tyres (medium compound)

205 60 15

Loads of tread as only used on an old 911 on the street for a while .
$200 pick up or post from Mount Waverley Vic 3149

Cheers Doug Attached Thumbnails
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  • 20171013_170829.jpg
  • 20171013_170901.jpg
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Cars For Sale (3rd Party Sites) Ebay, Carsales etc..

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 20:42
Hi Everyone,

If you are posting links to cars listed on ebay, it would be greatly appreciated if you could:

1.) Post the Ebay Item Number (usually located in the top right hand corner), along with the Ebay link. Sometimes ebay links are not reliable or don't work properly so including an item number is an easy way for others to look up the item if the link is broken.

2.) When the ebay listing is finished, if you could post the sale price and or the highest bid (if the item does not sell). If others are not watching an item, we cannot visit the item at a later stage easily so we cannot tell what it sold or didn't sell for.

3.) If possible save a few photo's from the auction and post them here. This is useful because it gives everyone an indication of current values and what you get for your money if you are looking to buy or sell.

This will help us all, for insurance reasons we have some proof of current values. For selling it helps us gauge our cars true worth and for curiosity sake we can compare year on year the values of our cars etc..

If anyone has further suggestions to this, please feel free to share them here.
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The Global Z-car (S30/S130) Market Thread.

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 19:20
To keep the Cars For Sale (3rd Party Sites) Ebay, Carsales etc.. thread separate to the global market I've created this new thread.

To kick things off an interesting car for sale is this 280z.

Asking 100K - never registered car.

NEVER LICENSED 1976 280 Z, 1976, $ 100,000.00
80 Z car bought from dealer 1976 and has never been licensed. Driven 36 miles and then parked for, Yes 38 years and still smells new. 354 total miles. Not sure what to ask for this car taking all offers. Feel free to call me at your convenience, thank you for your interest. Dean 909-257-6551

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

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Very Straight Front Grille (Slated Type)

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 16:41

Hey Folks,

I'm in the middle of trying to straighten out a slightly bent grille, but thought I'd see if there is anyone out there with a good straight 1 for sale and what kind of asking prices?


I can probably get mine straight again with enough time invested but might be better off with another if I can find 1.



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2 Post Car Hoist

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 15:39

I'm selling my 2 post car hoist. It's an Aussie made hoist (not the cheap Chinese ones from eBay) manufactured by Formula. Its capacity is 3.8 Ton, powered by a 3 phase electric motor with 2 hydraulic rams & dual automatic locks. These hoists are awesome with a clear floor under the car when ur working under them so no tripping over the cable covers like other hoists. Only reason I'm selling is cause I'm moving where 3 phase power is not accessible so has to go. Price is $3500 ono. Will be available from the beginning of December. 

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L26 Engine

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 13:03
g'day guys I have my L26 engine out of my 260z for sale
Running perfect when removed, removed for a rb25 conversion which then turned into a Barra conversion, I'll be moving houses soon and letting go off all stuff I don't need/ want to take me with
Soooo it's priced to sell
Engine has intake, carb, exhaust manifold, allternator, fan, dizzy etc etc
Priced at $200
I don't want to seel but it's just something else I'll have to relocate with me when I move
Happy to send photos
Located Newcastle
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Wanted: R200 Long Nose 3.36 Ratio

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 11:22

Looking for one of these as my 3.70 with a 1:1 5th gear is a bit frantic...wotcha got?

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NEW OEM H4 headlights

Tue, 17/10/2017 - 09:30
A forum service announcement from myself...

These are BRAND NEW, OEM style 'Koito' Brand, H4 headlights.
So now you can still have the factory OEM looking lens, but with the added performance of H4 Halogen (Phillips brand!) globes.
These are a direct bolt in for your 240, 260 & (I think) 280ZX.

A contact of mine informed me that these are available from Toyota dealers (of all places!) for around $100/pair till the end of June (RRP is normally over $250).
So if you want a pair, all you have to do is walk into any Toyota dealer around Australia, and quote the part number: 90981-01H22 Sealed Beam Unit.
If the Toyota spare parts person can't find them on the system, tell them to look harder - they are there! There are over 500 pairs in stock so they wont run out quickly.

(To the blokes who came to the last workshop day, please refrain from disclosing further details of how I found out about these)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
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The Ebay Thread #2 - Post Ebay Parts Here!

Mon, 16/10/2017 - 22:29
I started this to keep all the parts in one place also, so anyone that has bits from ebay they want to share with others please post here to save having too many threads

would you like some beef jerky?
thank you, come again

Hilux calipers if anyone is looking for some here are some already removed for you  ;D
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240Z Mirror Bracket & Wiper Nuts

Mon, 16/10/2017 - 21:29

Hi all,


I am chasing down a couple of items that have gone MIA during my re-build (many more have gone missing but got around them so far!)


I am chasing down the bracket that fixes to the metal section above the front window that the rear vision mirror fixes too. I hope you know what I am on about!


The other item is the nuts for the windscreen wipers.


Cheers Marcus

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Efi Manifold/ecu & 240K Downdraft Manifold / Carbies

Mon, 16/10/2017 - 20:26

Hi all, 


Recently purchased my first S30 - along with her came a bunch of spare parts. Initially I was quite excited about the idea of EFI, however have decided that as this is the first 'thing' i've ever owned without a computer in it, I want to keep it that way! 


So as this gear isn't aligned with my vision - its better off in someone else' project. 


Since I'm new to the scene; hoping everyone can give me some guidance with prices/confirming the parts are what I think they are. 


EFI Manifold & ECU (ECU has L24 written on it - not sure?) Fuel rails etc all appear intact. 




240K downdraft manifold & spare carbies (one carbie is dismantled, other complete - not sure if these are infact off of the 240k?)







Thanks all! 

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2 X 280Zx Wrecks

Mon, 16/10/2017 - 19:37
Hi every one.
I have two 280zx wrecks that i want to clean up.
Most mechanical bits still here and there.

1 l28 burns oil but ive been driving it for a year
1 auto
1 i think 260z transmission, its gearing is very short and sits at 3500 doing 100 (ill need to confirm what it is), has a bearing noise.
1 Auto diff
1 Manual diff
Front brakes hubs shocks
Rear brakes hubs shocks sub frame
A broad range of interior bits in average condition.

Dont be afraid to ask if i have something off a 280zx and ill check for you.

Message or call me Ryan on 0448396481
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L28 Efi Parts, 260Z Alloy Wheels.

Mon, 16/10/2017 - 19:11

 280zx L28 Inlet manifolds $50 each

280zx ecu, afm and airbox. $50

260z factory alloy rims, $200


I have 8 260z rims, i would prefer to sell them as 2 sets of 4, first in can pick the cleanest. Prefer local pickup for the wheels.

Located in Balaklava SA

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Oem 2 Seater Carpets

Sun, 15/10/2017 - 22:50

Hi folks

I'm getting close to the point of ordering a new carpet set for my 240z or getting a trimmer to make something up.

I'd really prefer some original carpets however, wear and all, as opposed to a new set.

Wondering if anyone might have an old set of OEM 2 seater carpets they have pulled from their car which are sitting in storage?

Thought i'd ask before going ahead with a new order.

Cheers, Alex

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Aftermarket Seats For Sale

Sun, 15/10/2017 - 18:07
These seats came off a early 2000s Alfa GTV and were reupholstered by Revzed before I bought the car.
Seats and foam in very good condition. Brackets have been laser cut on one corner of each rail to attached to existing holes.
Looking for $400
Sold pending payment

IMG_20170924_180034.jpg IMG_20170924_180053.jpg
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Innova 5568 Professional Timing Light

Sun, 15/10/2017 - 00:27

As the subject suggests, I've got an Innova 5586 timing light for sale. It's basically as-new with very little use.


These are worth about $120 new, so I'm looking for $80 ONO.


Pickup from Adelaide, or plus postage (it should fit in a 3kg express post satchel, so about $16).

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Topy Steel / Spare Wheels - Eoi?

Fri, 13/10/2017 - 22:14

Hi Folks.

I may be doing a bulk shipment of Topy steel wheels from the US.


Current inventory of date stamps looks like this.


1970 = 3* 1971 = 1 1972 = 2 1973 = 7 1974 = 2 1975 = 5 1976 = 0 1977 = 0 1978 = 3   *I'll probably keep the 1970 date stamp wheels for my own car and maybe the 1971 until I find another 70.   I may be able to find some 1969 date stamped TOPYs off a Datsun Roadster (with the little tabs for the caps which can be removed) and are 14x4.5j wide.   I would guesstimate that a set of 4 would cost around $1,200 - $1,500 each. Factoring in shipping costs + import duties on this end etc.. This may or may not include powder coating them to appear as new. To be honest it's difficult to quote a final price until I've done this at least once. So this price might be on the higher side, as I'd rather over quote than under if that makes sense?   If you're interested just reply to the thread or send me a PM.   As you know these are almost impossible to find locally. 
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240Z Air Cleaner Eoi

Fri, 13/10/2017 - 19:00
I dont need this for my build so its up for grabs.not sure what to ask for it as i know they are hard to obtain.
Its in great condition and unrestored.
Pm me an offer and im happy to take advice on what to expect.
Comes with the filter and wing nuts. Attached Thumbnails
  • 20171012_165138.jpg
  • 20171012_165204.jpg
  • 20171012_165210.jpg
  • 20171012_165219.jpg
  • 20171012_165236.jpg
  • 20171012_165327.jpg
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Fs R180 Diff 3.6 Ratio

Fri, 13/10/2017 - 18:29
Fs R 180 diff 3.6 ratio non lsd
Including mustache bar to suit 240z / 260z
$400 pick up or post from Mount Waverley Vic 3149

Cheers Doug Attached Thumbnails
  • 1507879733965-315369386.jpg
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Fs Triple Carb Manifold Motor Sport Option Type ?

Fri, 13/10/2017 - 18:12
Fs a triple carb manifold .
Looks like a motor sport option type manifold but not sure .
In great condition with what looks like some porting in the runners .
45 mm carb side
35.5 head side see images
No linkages ect only as pictured.
$500 pick up or post from Mount Waverley Vic 3149

Cheers Doug Attached Thumbnails
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  • 1507878420433-2141894410.jpg
  • 15078785365412121469314.jpg
  • 1507878575471-1856194476.jpg
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