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Wanting To Swap My 240Z

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 19:28

So, to keep things short, i'm wondering if there are any 240z owners who would be interested to make a swap.


I own a 1973 240z, HS30-103061, with the matching numbers L24. Its a very solid car, and has been my daily driver for about 4-5 years now. I have never found any rust and the body and chassis are in great condition. Paint is very nice too, although its not a restored car. The previous owner mentioned he repainted it approx 10 years ago at the time of purchase, so that would make the paint about 15 years old and it still looks great. The inside of the boot and the floors were not painted however, and seem to be showing what appears to be the original white coat of paint. This is only visible when the carpets are removed and the boot and floors are both very honest and rust free. Mechanically, the car drives very well, although the cam should be replaced as some of the lobes are worn however I just haven't got around to it. Diff is a 3.9 R180 and the gearbox is the close ratio 71B with 2.9 first. I checked the ratios prior to installing about 3.5 years ago. The car was originally an auto and I have all of the original auto trans parts to go with the car if someone really fancied. Overall this is a great car to drive and extremely reliable.


To be honest, what i'm looking for is another 240z which has already had a couple of the 'jdm racer' style mods to it.. I like the look of the Z's with the wider wheels, coilovers, rear and front lip, maybe flares etc, L28 fitted and so on. However i'm a bit (very) soft and just can't bring myself to modify my car in that way. I'm looking to make a swap for a car which is of comparable condition and something that drives currently. If you might be interested, let me know. My car is located in Brisbane. 

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In Search Of My Mums Old 260Z 2+2

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 17:32
Hi everyone, I'm chasing a particular 260z and hoping someone can help.

My story, mum had a deep red 260z 2+2, black interior, manual, when I was kid, shes long gone now and I've always had a love for the z and keen to buy one, figured I'd try first to find hers,

I tracked down the mechanic we sold it to 20 years ago John panlock in wodonga, he resprayed it same color and rebuilt engine, from there it was sold to mick boyd in wodonga who then sold it to Michael Breen in stanley who put in a new diff and box, from there its was sold some 5 or 6 years ago to lavington, a busines owner on urana rd apparently. From there I loose track of it, a local enthusiast mentioned it may have headed to adelaide around this time.

If you know of anyone who rings a bell let me know, as would be good to be reunited.
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The Z31 Project - Race Car

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 17:31

Pics are always good so below are some taken with the engine and transmission still in which show the huge amount of space for big tyres in the wheel wells. Those are the race Hoosiers off the 280 which bolt straight up with no clearance problems, F 9" rims, R 9.5". I'm bloody rapt, so much space for bigger wheels and tyres.




The project itself should start next week with filling in the T top openings and adding some structural bracing across the top of the door openings.


Seeing that it's a turbo model the brakes look like they have Z32 rotors, just need some decent calipers. One thing I've learnt is that suitable brake pads are very important, proper race ones will withstand extreme temperatures and actually brake much better. Having stock rotors means that they are not expensive to replace too. The rear axles are second generation CV jointed and for the R200 diff a reasonably priced Quaife LSD centre is available. Keeping all the stock type suspension, the rear will be interesting, I have some fairly dramatic mods in mind to get the semi trailing arm setup working satisfactorily


So the project is going to be stock based except for the engine and auto trans. 

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How Many Times Do You Check This Forum ?

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 14:41
I think its become one of those things when you get home, pour a glass of single malt, sit on the couch and get onto this site and just read. Before you know it you have downed three neat Macallan 18 glasses and still going through this fourm not able to get up.

Im curious to know how many times in the day do you get on this site and look things up, even when you dont need to check anything??

I think I'm on 2 or 3 times a day excluding recieving thread notifications. Not sure if Gavin can get user statistics or not.


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Heater Windscreen And Hatch Glass

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 12:04

I did have a search and didnt find any informaation about this topic in the forums.

Im interested to see if there is any interest in both or either heated windscreens and or hatch glass? The wire filiments are in the laminated glass and integral to the glass.

Orders have to be in lots of 5 and each component is aboout $550 ish +/-. Living in Canberra im keen for both bot im not sure what the market is likeley to be so before committting thought I would ask the question.




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Rh Dog Leg 240 260

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 11:29

$80 pickup from 2220 or 2000.


Can post anywhere in Aus for $10.


IMG_20180407_095413.jpg IMG_20180407_095423.jpg

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14Inch Tyres Best Option?

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 10:12

Hi, I am just in the middle of putting on a new set of tyres onto my 280zx 14 inch alloy mags etc and want to know if I should put the original size 195x70x14s on or go to something wider which may handle better?? Anyone had experience or is it noticeable?  How wide can be fitted??


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Cardinia Motor Recreation & Education Complex - Vic

Mon, 04/06/2018 - 08:57

I thought this might interest a few people.




SITE PLANS RELEASED. Good Evening, I have received permission from Cardinia Motor Recreation & Education Complex to release the site plan, circuit layout options and rendered drawings for the proposed Motorsport and Clay Target facilities. We can now confirm the following facilities and services are being proposed:


As mentioned earlier, we NEED YOUR HELP to make this development a reality. Please follow the below steps to support this project:

1. Register your support for the development by completing this online form:
2. Tag your friends and family members in this post.
3. Sharing this post on Facebook.
4. Like and Promote the Cardinia Motor Recreation & Education Complex Facebook page.

The Cardinia Shire Council has advised the close date to register your support is Thursday, 28 June 2018. PLEASE help us by submitting your support via the above online form mentioned above in point 1. Every submission received will be sent to the Cardinia Shire Council.

You can download a copy of the site plans here:…/17035_Presentation%20Doc_1105181.…





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Mon, 04/06/2018 - 06:49

Hey team!

I'm the proud owner of shell HS30-00127 and when I say shell I mean what's in pic is all I've got. No engine or trans either. It's pretty straight and rust free but someone has hacked at a few areas like the transmission tunnel but nothing that can't be fixed.


Fairlady Z.jpg


I've been into Datsuns and JDM in general since flicking through Hot4s mags with my mates as a young bloke. It was always the 1600s that caught my eye so after driving a Mk1 two door Escort for a while (still got that one) and a '79 Chrysler Sigma wagon I found my first 1600 which I still have (as a shell at the moment). I have another parts 1600 and then my pride and joy an SR20DET 1600. I also have an M35 Stagea VQ25DET family hauler. I had a Z31 Turbo which I stripped for the 5 stud hubs but this is really my first Z. I have my wife to thank for finding this one (and letting me buy it) after she overheard a conversation between two work colleagues about "some Datsun shell in a shed somewhere".


Jap Car Show 5.jpg IMG_20170228_193816598_HDR.jpg


Hoping from this club to get lots of ideas, advice, opinions and parts! I've got a few ideas going around in my head at the moment which don't involve an L series (don't kick me out already). If I had the matching engine, or could even find out what the original engine number was, I'd probably keep it L series. Instead, because I love orange and satin black I'm thinking a Fairlady Z432R "tribute", RB25/30 with triple carbs but I'm sure I'll change my mind along the way.



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Nikki 240Z Fuel Pump Rebuild Kit

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 22:49

Hi everyone,

I'm wanting to rebuild an original Nikki 240Z fuel pump.

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can obtain a rebuild kit.

The part number on the Nikki pump is 271070.




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Must Watch Automotive Program Thread.

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 20:44
Hi Guys,
          I just finished watching this on You Tube. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Classic car bubble

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 20:07

Read and discuss. I think this that Michael is on the money here and to be honestly i don't really care what my zed is worth (apart from insurance value) as mine's a keeper.
Porsche is definitely a marque that is supremely over valued currently and as stated about to be joined by the "bad ferraris".
I want lower classic car values so i can afford to own more of them!
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Wtb: Fuel Tank Strap For 240

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 19:39



I'm after a passenger side fuel tank retaining strap for a 240Z. I believe they might be shorter than the 260Z straps.



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Jeff's 240z build

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 19:05
Time to start a build thread…
I purchased this car in October 2014 from Dolls Point in Sydney from an Ebay seller. It looked ok but upon inspection in person it had all the usual early Datsun problems with rust etc. The car ran quite well with a newish L26 having been fitted at some stage.
The car also came with the original matching numbers L24 motor (This is probably what clinched the deal for me). The car is rusty but not as bad as some, I probably paid a bit too much for it but it’s all there and its only money after all and you cannot take it with you.
I picked her home in late October and so the journey begins

First thing I did was to fit new tyres, cleaned a few things up and took it to rego inspection in November to see what would happen. It failed on two items, rust in the drivers floor (not the only place but only place that seemed to matter) and the turn indicators not flashing fast enough (they worked but are a bit slow, like me)

With Christmas then holidays for most of January and a work trip nothing much happened until March 2015.

After getting our shed organised, cleaned out and purchase of some equipment, work has now started in earnest. After closer inspection of the rust and mechanicals a clear path has been set and the wheels are now in motion.
Lots of parts have been ordered components removed cleaned and shipped off for repairs or modifications. I decided to start work on the passenger’s side (good place to practice as I won’t see that side as much)

The Sill has been removed and replaced, Most of the sound proofing has been removed (renovators are an amazing tool for this). Rear quarter is next in this area with a new outer cut and inner guard to be fitted.
Struts have been removed stripped cleaned up and sent to MCA for Josh to sort out. Gearbox and Diff have been removed had years of gunk cleaned off and shipped to LCR (the original L24 will also go south)

I will try to keep this sort of up to date but I would rather spent time in the shed, not on the computer…..
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  • 46552_c1a9edfafabca8aac9d0dc075371e8b4c51d37bc.jpg
  • 46550_4ef00990ec8767c23c8f520952aef7a32a303974.jpg
  • 46548_4a0e330e2f2fd9c1f881873ea197d12e9816a706.jpg
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Fuel Tank Mounting Problem

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 18:11



I've struck a problem installing my fuel tank. The left hand side strap appears to be too long. For the lett hand strap I used the shorter of the two.


The bolt hangs down where the red arrow is and so far too low to tighten the strap up.


My car had no tank in it when I bought it and the tank is not the original tank. The straps might not be either.


Does anyone know what my problem is?



  Fuel tank straps




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Maserati Compound - 240Z Parts

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 18:05



please move this if I've put it in the wrong spot or everyone goes "deerrrr.",


but I stumbled across this site that might assist us all:





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Wtb 240Z Fuel Cap Retaining Ring And Sunvisors

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 09:12
Hello, I'm chasing a fuel cap retaining ring and also my sun visors have turned to dust. Please let me know If you can help out.

Thanks Matt
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Holden Diff And Drive Shafts?

Sun, 03/06/2018 - 07:45

G'day guys.


I recall reading a post from someone on here who put a V8 Holden diff and drive shafts in the back of their Zed.


I think they were also running an LS1??


I recall that the engineering was done by a friend for a number of bottles of Bundaberg rum ^-^


I also recall the member offered to supply some CAD diagrams.


For the life of me I can no longer find the post.


Please help me identify this poster - the information and photographs were really thorough.


Simon MaygZ

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For Sale: 240Z Complete Rolling Gear For Sale, Front And Rear Suspension, Brakes, Ect

Sat, 02/06/2018 - 23:03

i have the complete front and rear ends off a genuine Japanese 73' 240z up for sale. i have converted to a different set up and no longer need any of the parts that made it rolling.


front: struts, hubs, lower control arms, brakes, engine k frame, steering rack, sway bar, toe arms

rear: struts, hubs, lower control arms, brakes, differential, half shafts, moustache bar, other mounting brackets. 

got the jelly been style wheels that came with it too


all the parts are showing their age and would need a clean up and new bushes but are structurally straight and sound, with the exception of one front toe arm which is just slightly bent.

I'm not sure what all these parts are worth, I'm guessing a couple of hundred dollars but have a look at the photos and either make an offer or comment a rough estimate. im not wanting big bucks just a genuine offer for what they are and the condition they are in. 


when the weather clears up i can bring all the parts out for some more complete photos.


located Geelong, Vic.



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A Zed is Reborn - MaygZ Folly

Sat, 02/06/2018 - 20:35
Due to popular demand I have decided to begin my build thread .  I have gained so much information, knowledge and courage from other members build threads that it only seems fair to start my own.  My thread will amuse and mystify as I stumble from error to error and hopefully, with educated and constructive input from others, will also educate.

Firstly some disclaimers:

This will not be a fast build!!


1. - I have a full time job that involves shift work, including weekends;
2. - I run a small unviable farm in central Victoria that requires constant management in such things as fencing and livestock management (and eradication of Onion Weed!!)
3. - I'm married and whilst my wife is very supportive of my need for a hobby, she doesn't like the shape of the Zed and therefore doesn't understand my fascination with it (She found me an LH Torana!!)
4. - I'm not a wealthy man
5. - I have skill/equipment and experience limitations that combined with my natural fastidiousness, create a slowness of it's own.

These excuses will be added to as required.

On with the story .....

My wife and I bought a very tired farm in Central Victoria about 2 years ago.  The wife loved the house and I loved that it had an old shed, so in we moved!  The shed had a dirt floor and was full of mouldy Hay, 30 years of accumulated junk from the previous owner and numerous birds, several snakes and assorted rodent nests in the roof sisilation!  It had large wire mesh doors, that let wind and the above rodents/birds/snakes in!  It had 2 GPO and two Flouros, so at least it had power!!

Three 8 metre skips of rubbish out and a concrete floor poured in we were on the way.  EBay provided some lights and a sparkie mate who helped me rough in some more power and I now have light and GPOs everywhere (even a 15Amp outlet!).  I found a caravan and annex, so the annex, made of freezer panel, was attached to the side of the shed to create an office/bar/thinking/planning/relaxing area (Bloke's room).  My daughter and I then came up with a somewhat unique fix for the breezy door problem.  She learnt to use a drop saw as her first power tool!  (measure twice ....Thumbs always stay .... etc)

This was my first shed (larger than a garden shed), so I had very few tools (toys).  Much time and money has been spent accumulating some basic tools.

All the while hunting for a project car.  Now I will be honest at this stage and admit that it wasn't always going to be a Zed.  The Zed was one of four possibilities (Mark 1 Escort, Datsun 1600 and Ford Capri made up the others) but as I scoured the internet looking for cars and information, it was the discovery of this forum that knocked the others cars out.  the information and community hooked me in.  (My wife says thanks - she liked the Escort more!!) Attached Thumbnails
  • 18137_ff2200d725ff7165b0b88c950a53a19b4259c27f.jpg
  • 18139_83a527c54cfb90cf1ccaa69b7052c9e9fa24a0e4.jpg
  • 18135_06c674b326827c0c2d0a3e8fef002332570658d0.jpg
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