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Meet The Auszcar.com Team

Gavin Doolan

Title: The Webmaster

Forum Name: gav240z

I bought my first Datsun 240z when I was 17, working on my school holidays for my uncle who is a builder / bricklayer. I had fallen in love with Z's after seeing a neighbour who had a 260z 2+2 parked out the front of his house. I slaved myself in the sweltering Aussie summer heat for several school holidays to pay back my mum who lent me some cash to buy my first car.

I've been into Z-cars and the S30 series in general ever since. I met Sulio a couple of years later who asked me to build a website for Australian Z-car owners. The rest has been as they say is history.

Craig Lovegrove

Photos and details to follow soon.

Sulio M

Photos and details to follow soon.


Photos and details to follow soon.

We are devoted to the timeless classic lines that only the early series Datsun 240z / 260z S30 Series Zcar has to offer. Founded in 2004 the club's representatives are Gavin Doolan (Web Developer) and Sulio (Club Manager and Event Organiser). We wanted to expand our passion for the early Zcar and bring together other Datsun 240z / 260z / S30 Zcar enthusiasts.

We are currently the largest 240z / 260z zcar club in Australia and our goal is to provide owners of the 240z / 260z series with the resources neccessary to assist in the restoration and / or modification of your 240z / 260z.

Our active discussion forum has friendly members who are willing to lend a hand with whatever problem you may have. If you are looking for an early zcar to buy our classifieds are often updated with cars for sale, found in a variety of places across Australia. We also have an active image gallery where members can upload images of their rides.

We are continually looking for ways to improve our club both online and off. We currently host many events in Victoria, however more help is needed to ensure other states don't miss out. If you are interested in hosting events or would like to invite our club along to your event, please feel free to mention it in our forum.

We continue to grow each month and our member base is close to 1000 active users. Originally we were a Victorian only club, however due to our rapid growth we now cover the whole of Australia and we welcome international members to participate on our website.

If you own the later Datsun 280zx or S130 series you should also feel free to check out our website. We have several members who own this Zcar and these cars share many of the same design priciples of the earlier series.

Stock or modified your 240Z / 260z / 280zx is welcome and your sure to find both right here. Ranging from stock¸ hard tuned L-series, V8 Zeds and Turbo charged Zeds.

Please also consider making a donation using PayPal or contact us for other payment methods. Our website is currently privately funded and web hosting is our biggest cost each year.

Our club is currently FREE to join, so what are you waiting for?